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Turtle Pin Earrings
  • Turtle Pin Earrings

    • Details •
    Handmade silver 925 earrings
    Silver matte finish or you can ask me for shinny.
    Dimensions: 2cm x 2cm

    • The "Balance of Elements" Collection
    The five elements of nature: fire, air, water, earth and aether are being represented by five animals: hummingbird, elephant, salamander, hippocampus (sea horse) and the turtle. Every Animal-Element has its unique symbolism.

    • Animal: Turtle | Element: Aether
    Balances the 4 elements
    Symbol of unity between matter and spirit
    Teaches patience & flexibility
    Bearer of the knowledge of synchronicity

    Every piece of the "Balance of Elements" Collection is handmade by Katerina Rodopoulou at her studio in Athens, Greece.

    • Packaging •
    Every product comes in a special package, accompanied by a card with the product's very own story.

    Please let me know if there are any issues or questions with your order.

      30,00 €Price
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