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Our Story

Welcome to my store!


I am Katerina Rodopoulou, founder of The Art of Turtle where I am designing and handcrafting all the jewlery.

I am running this small art jewelry workshop and store since 2015, in the heart of Athens, under Acropolis hill. Here, I create my unique jewelry pieces, each infused with a touch of symbolism and crafted to reflect the individuality of its wearer.


The Art of Turtle is a unique, slow living inspired concept store.

My jewelry design studio, is based among ornamental plants, turning this tiny space into an urban garden.

In this serene environment, silver transforms into jewelry inspired by nature, each piece bearing its own symbolism and guiding us toward spiritual balance and inner growth.

I specialize in symbolism jewelry and have poured my creativity into two conceptual collections, The Balance of Elements Collection and the Constellation Collection. My third and more freestyle collection is called The Simplicity Collection.




The Balance of Elements Collection is inspired by the five elements of nature—fire, air, water, earth, and aether. Each element is represented by an animal: the salamander, the hummingbird, the seahorse, the elephant and the turtle. Every Animal-Element carries its own unique symbolism, making each piece a personal talisman.

The Constellation Collection draws from the legendary stories of Gods and Heroes in Greek mythology. Using silver as my canvas, I capture a small part of the sky in each piece. This collection includes the 12 zodiac signs and 4 constellations.


The Simplicity Collection embodies a harmonious blend of diverse forms, lines and ideas capturing the essence of free-flowing artistry. With the free lines and fluid shapes, the collection exudes a sense of effortless grace and the art of minimalism.

While jewelry is the heart and soul of my shop, you'll also find a few charming handmade ceramics from local women ceramicists, as well as some lovely plants and pots to brighten up your space. If you are a plant lover, every green piece of this indoor jungle is for sale! There is a great variety of plant species, sizes, and colors which can be matched with plenty of ceramic cache-pots. These treasures add a special touch to our cozy atmosphere but aren't the main stars of the show.

The Art of Turtle has hosted visitors from all over the world and continues to introduce people to the conceptual jewelry world.



Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine! Your support means the world to me!




* All the plants, pots and ceramics are only available for purchase in our physical store and not through our website.

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