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Hummingbird Line Earrings
  • Hummingbird Line Earrings

    • Details
    Handmade earrings
    Silver 925 matte finish
    Animal Dimensions : 2cm x 1cm
    Drop length : 3 cm

    • The "Balance of Elements" Collection

    The approach to this way of jewelry making is manifested by silver and brass, creating the Balance of Elements Collection.
    The philosophy behind the collection is this: the four elements of nature which are fire, air, water and earth are balanced by the fifth element, the Aether.
    The presentation of the collection is completed by visualizing and correlating each element with an animal.
    The hippocampus(sea horse) represents the Water, Salamander represents Fire, the Hummingbird represents Air, the Elephant represents Earth
    and finally the Aether represents Turtle which balances and encompasses the 4 elements.

    • Animal: Hummingbird | Element: Air
    Endurance & freedom
    Symbol of joy and the lightness of being
    Teaches optimism and affection
    Bearer of harmony

    Every piece of the "Balance of Elements" Collection is handmade by Katerina Rodopoulou at her studio in Athens, Greece.

    • Packaging
    Every product comes in a special package, accompanied by a card with the product's very own story.

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