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Cassiopeia Mix & Match Earrings
  • Cassiopeia Mix & Match Earrings

    • Details •
    Handmade sterling silver earring.
    This earring has a matte finish on the one side and black oxidation on the other.

    You can wear it on both ears.
    Constellation design: Cassiopeia


    Mix & Match Earring


    • Weight
    Big Earring 6.5gr
    Drop Earring 4gr
    Hoop 3.5gr


    • Wearing Options
    Besides getting the big Constellation Earring alone (65€)..

    Why not...
    Mix and match!

    You can pair the big Constellation Earring(Big Earring) with one of the following:
    1. One drop white earring with silver matte finish. (95€/pair)
    2. One drop black earring with black oxidation. (95€/pair)
    3. One circle moving hoop. (100€/pair)
    4. Τhe same Constellation Earring(Big Earring). (125€/pair of 2 Big Single)
    5. A full set of 1 Big Earring, 1 drop white, 1 drop black and a moving hoop. (160€)

      65,00 €Price