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Balance of elements

The approach to this way of jewelry making is manifested by silver and brass, creating the Balance of Elements Collection. The philosophy behind the collection is this: the four elements of nature which are fire, air, water and earth are balanced by the fifth element, the Aether. The presentation of the collection is completed by visualizing and correlating each element with an animal. The hippocampus represents the Water, Salamander represents Fire, the Hummingbird represents Air, the Elephant represents Earth and finally the Aether represents Turtle which balances and encompasses the 4 elements.

Aether-Turtle: Balances the 4 elements
Air-Hummingbird: Endurance & freedom
Water-Sea horse: Generosity and fertility
Fire-Salamander: Spiritual awakening
Earth-Elephant: Stability & strength

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Since the very beginning of time, humans have always been trying to interpret the formations created in the sky, as a need to give meaning to things they couldn’t understand. All these distinct clusters of stars, are the so called Constellations.

Katerina, with her second approach, attempts to transfer to her jewels the interpretations of the constellations given by people in their quest to discover what is happening not only “inside” but also “around” them.

With her canvas being silver, she carves and pierces the flashes formed in the stars, presenting in the the stunning stories of the Greek mythology, which is filled with the passions of Gods and Heroes, thus creating the Constellation Collection consisting of 16 constellations (The Twelve Zodiac Signs and the Constellations of Orion, Cassiopeia, Ursa Minor&Major and Ophiuchus)