Katerina Rodopoulou

Katerina Rodopoulou

Katerina Rodopoulou was born in Athens in 1985 and has a degree in Handmade Jewelery Design by MOKUME – (Silversmithing  School). She has attended various exhibitions presenting her jewelery.

Her love for jewelry and the hidden meanings that exist everywhere around us, gave birth to the idea behind “The Art of Turtle”. The aesthetics of every jewelery she makes, also carry their own unique story.

She has created two jewelry collections so far: the Balance of Elements Collection and the Constellation Collection. Both collections have their own special meaning, which derives from the elements of nature and the formations of the stars respectively.

The art of turtle - The Shop

A small workshop/store located in the heart of Athens, where Katerina forms the concept behind every jewelry and then she creates it.

In her store, one can find the jewels of both conceptual collections she has created so far, the Balance of Elements Collection and the Constellation Collection, as well as making his own custom order. Each jewel is accompanied by a card with its story, which is included in its packaging.

An art space which has hosted visitors from all over the world and continues to introduce people to the conceptual jewelry world.

The Art of Turtle - The Shop